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The Labor Coalition is an organization comprised of Ex Labor Leaders, Fund Administrators, Labor Consultants, Business Professionals all having a minimum of 25 years of experience each and all with the same common interest of providing the highest value and level of members benefits at the lowest possible cost for Labor Union Funds.



Many of the preferred programs are cost avoidance programs that help Union funds avoid cost by eliminating many of the fees and recovering fees that may have been overbilled or overcharged.



Most of these programs are performance-based and there will be NO fee unless funds that were over charged are recovered or existing fees were lowered. 

There are never any upfront fees.

A cost-free analysis is performed by our team and if there is an area that the Coalition can assist in lowering or recovering fees; a presentation and recommendation will be provided complimentary.

It is not our intention to replace any vendor who the fund currently utilizes. The Coalition's goal is to compliment all fund current consultants, brokers, professionals and to lower the overall cost to the fund.

The companies selected to assist in this goal are carefully and extensively vetted and tested before recommending utilizing their services.


Their fees are also reduced to BELOW market rates so that a significant and GUARANTEED savings can be realized for the fund.

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